Nowadays, more churches are sharing their worship services with live video streaming.If your church also is ready to start live streaming or broadcasting, then how to find the right equipment for your church? Few churches have large budgets for equipment, so they need cost-effective solutions that building a PTZ camera system for your church can dramatically simplify the process of live streaming and recording worship services.With so many options to choose from – including streaming hardware & software, streaming platforms, cameras and ptz controllers, WODWIN here aid you in choosing the right live streaming solution for your church.


Church Live Streaming Solution System

Which live streaming equipment you usually need using in a Church?

1. The Ptz cameras for live streaming and broadcasting the video is the most important device.

2. Joystick controller which can control the cameras remote long distance.

3. Software such as VMix, OBS, Wirecast, or the Livestream Studio.

How Many PTZ Cameras Need?

How many live streaming cameras you need for your church will depend on the size and layout of your worship space,and your plans of budget.

1. Small church choose one or two HD SDI PTZ cameras.

2. Larger areas may require 2-3pcs SDI or NDI PTZ cameras to be able to capture both the overall room and close-ups of what is happening up front. Churches that want to include more production elements, such as close-ups of musicians, multiple points of view of the pastor, or visuals of the congregation may decide they need several.

Most of our WODWIN’S clients will bought 3pcs PTZ broadcast Cameras WIN-M57S with 1pc PTZ joystick controller WIN-MK2 together.


How To Choose The PTZ Camera

1. Considering the video quailty your church at least need HD1080P resolution camera, which super than SD video, 4K PTZ Camera image quality is good, but price still at the high side, not so cost-effective,so the HD PTZ Video Cameras is the best choice.

2.The Optical Zoom have 12X,20X or 30X, how to choose? Depands on your budget and your church space, 30X optical zoom camera can capture a head and shoulders view of a pastor from 75 feet away.While a 20X optical zoom camera can zoom 50 feet away. If subjects are closer than 25-50 feet you only need a 12X optical zoom camera.

3.Signol quality,there have 4 types of signal they are called NDI, SDI, HDMI, and USB.Which one you need? Depends on the device you connect and the distance you need to stream.HDMI cables can travel up to 50 feet without extenders. SDI can send signals up to 1000 feet without any signal loss. USB is the most limited connection losing signal after just a few feet. Network cables for IP connections can reach up to 328 feet or 100 meters.

So the SDI PTZ Camera WIN-M57S with 20x optical zoom which port is SDI, HDMI, IP is really the best choice for your Church.

Church New Tech Solution

Many churches that are creating new installations for video production projects with the new standard NewTek NDI low lantency camera. This video standard allows cameras to send video, audio, and PTZ camera controls over a single ethernet cable. Therefore, if your camera installation location is within 100 meters from your networking equipment, you can simply run a single ethernet cable to your camera. Most of the industries top video production switchers and software support NDI including OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Wirecast, vMix, Livestream Studio, xSplit, Skype and so on.

WODWIN’S NDI cameras WIN-M57SN also support it and compatible with those software, so it is a great solution for your church live streaming system.

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