After the Covid -19, more and more people had to stay at home and no longer go to the concert scene. How to make your audience and fans feel the excitement and scream like the scene and keep watching your concert? It is very important to have good image video and closer up the star’s face to be clear enough feel they are face to face. Do you want to know how to achieve it? You need the live streaming system which including the video device,audio equipment,streaming software and so on.But how to achieve a cost-effective video recording solution and which is the best solution for you?WODWIN provides you with the professional concert solution as follows.

What Live Streaming Equipment Suitable for Concerts?

  1. PTZ broadcast cameras:For zoom in and out the video, capture the high quality image,
  2. PTZ joystick controller: remotely controlthe camera’slens, zoom, move and set preset positions,
  3. Recording software: Vmix, OBS, Wirecast or Livestream Studioetc,use together with WODWIN’S live streaming camera to realize the video record and live broadcast.
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How To Choose The Best PTZ Camera for Concert?

When you hold a live broadcast concert you need to combine with multi-camera recording, large-screen display, and stage production. WODWIN’S NDI PTZ camera is a good choice which with Full HD1080P60fps, NDI low latency streaming port, the optical zoom is 20X or 30X zoom.Interface is HDMI,SDI,USB,IP,POE,NDI.

Low latency: NDI is a new low latency IP protocol that allows for streaming to any number of devices on your local network. In order to make the singer’s voice consistent with the mouth shape in the video, we recommend that you choose an live streaming PTZ NDI camera.

HD Quality: The camera has a high-definition resolution, when you want to display the picture on a large screen, you can see very clear picture quality whether it is live or online.

Live Broadcast Solution for Large Concert

If your large concert with a venue length over 80 feet,We recommend that you to choose 3pcs NDI PTZ cameras, 3pcs 20X optical zoom WIN-J86AS HD SDI PTZ Cameras and 1 pc 12X optical zoom WIN-J86AN NDI PTZ camera. By using the IP PTZ joystick controller WIN-MK2 to control each camera to capture the close-up, side and front shots of the singer and the audience throughout the concert.

Middle Size Concert Live Broadcast Solution

If your concert is small or middle place, here is an SDI PTZ broadcast camera kit that is very suitable for your concerts.

Which includes 3pcs WIN-J86AS, 20X optical zoom PTZ Camera, and 1pc IP PTZ camera keyboard controller.

You can wall mounted the right and left corner each side one piece, while in the middle you can install one 20X zoom PTZ camera on the tripod or you can ceiling mounted!

How large is your concert, and you want to hold indoor or outdoor?You can contact us for more specific solution which is only for your place.

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