A recent study by the Federal Judicial Center covering the use of videoconferencing in Appellate Courts quoted one judge who said that Videoconferencing is the wave of the future. With the development of technology, more and more courts have begun to use Videoconferencing in the Court as a tool to promote legal knowledge. WODWIN cooperates with court departments to provide high-end, high-quality and low-cost video conference solutions.

Courtroom Solution

WODWIN video production system in the courtroom, you need the video device WIN-J91AS or WIN-J61AS SDI PTZ camera which with high definition Full HD1080P60fps resolution, optical zoom 12X or 20X it provides a wide field of vision for the court to capture clear images, interface HDMI, USB, SDI,IP,which easy connection and use together with the software such as OBS, VIMIX you can recording and video streaming .Usually you need 3pcs this live streaming ptz camera each camera can be used to zoom in to specific people of interest during the video recordings from the remote video production station.


Court Live Broadcasting Solution

Nowadays, online sharing the publicize legal knowledge is the cost-effective way, even open a court session the audience do not need go to the court if you use WODWIN’S NDI PTZ camera WIN-M57SN to record and live broadcast all the process.

NDI PTZ Cameras are able to communicate using the Network Device Interface or NDI protocol, it is low lantency streaming, this camera also support power on ethernet which can support power supply of the camera use the CAT5/6 Lan cable.

WODWIN’S NDI HX camera WIN-M57SN is HDMI, USB,IP,NDI,SDI port which can set 255 preset position using the LAN cable. Live streaming offers a sought-after alternative that’s both cost-effective and engaging for online audiences on channels such as Facebook and YouTube.

If it is a large court,you can choose 1 pcs ptz cameras WIN-M57S-30X which is 30X zoom , 2 pcs SDI cameras WIN-M57S-20X which is 20X optical zoom which can zoom far distance, plus 1 joystick controller WIN-MK2 is a room live broadcast solution.The ptz camera joystick is easy to remote control the camera’s up, down, zoom PTZ, and setting.

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