Both companies and individuals often need to participate in or organize various activities, such as product announcement, lecture speeches, opening ceremony of the company, weddings and live streaming of various competitions. Not only duing to the affected by the COVID-19, many people can not go there, but also, in order to record and streaming on line, it is necessary to use the professional device for live streaming.

So what we should use for an Event Live Broadcasting?How can we shoot clear and high-quality event videos? How to save labor and expensive equipment costs for organizing activities?WODWIN can offer you professional solution.

Which devices widely used for an Event Broadcast?

1.The PTZ camera for live streaming is the most important equipment, the 355 degree pan and 120 degree tilt can take the picture every corner, while the zoom from 12X zoomm to 30X zoom, can zoom very far image.

2.The Keyboard controller is also good for remote control of the PTZ cameras if your space is large.

3.The broadcast software such as OBS, VIMIX is use together for video capture and record, the camera has HDMI,IP,SDI, and IP port, support RTMP and RTSP, which can live streaming the video in time.

live broadcast camera
SDI Video Camera

How to choose the cameras for small Event?

If the size of your venue for event is within 50 feet. Kindly recommended you to choose a WODWIN’s 20X zoom PTZ SDI video camera, the model is WIN-J91AS,it is FULL HD1080P high definition,and you can ceiling mounted or install it on a tripod. Which is very convinicence to move.

According to market surveys, compared to expensive cameras, many companies have begun to use NDI technology for live recording because NDI HX camera can also achieve high-definition images and are more flexible and easy to operate.

The best solution for the large Event

You can choose 3pcs HD-SDI PTZ cameras, or highly recommend that you considering the NDI cameras if your budget is enough, the NDI PTZ camera is low latency,.

2pcs PTZ NDI cameras WIN-M57SN-20X and 1pc WIN-M57SN-30X, which is convenient for long-distance transmission.The 20X zoom IP POE NDI camera to capture the audience who standing up to answer questions. The 30X NDI PTZ cameras used to tracking supporters and actors in the middle of the stage.

You’d better equip with PTZ joystick controller WIN-MK2 to control all these real-time streaming cameras, our IP PTZ controller better for remote setting and controlling, it also can help camera to set 255pcs preset positions.These NDI IP cameras have HDMI, SDI, USB3.0, and IP ports which can connect with your different live streaming device.

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