Live sports broadcasting become more and more popular especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, many sports events to provide live broadcast services for those who cannot attend. In order to let audience and fans can see better image,the PTZ camera to be needed to closer up the picture every corner.Faced with a large number of devices and platforms, How to choose a PTZ camera for Sporting events . Fortunately, WODWIN can provide you with a suitable solution for live sports.

What kind of Live Broadcast Equipment Usually Used In Sports?

Firstly,You need the Ptz camera for live streaming and video playback.

Secondly,according to the size of the venue, the PTZ joystick controller WIN-MK2 or the newest NDI Tally light PTZ Camera Controller WIN-MK7N can be used for remote control.

Finally, you can download the software to be broadcast live, such as Vmix, OBS, Wirecast or Livestream Studio.

Select SDI or NDI PTZ camera?

No matter it is a promotional video before a sports event or a live broadcast of a sports event on a streaming media platform, you need professional cameras to shoot. If you want to take beautiful pictures, but you have no budget, you can choose our SDI PTZ camera WIN-J86AS or WIN-J91AF, if you want smoother video transmission without delay, you can choose NDI camera WIN-J86AN or WIN-J91AN.

NDI is a new low lantency IP protocol that allows for streaming to any number of devices on your local network. It has Auto-discovery and multicast allow you to quickly and easily distribute video to multiple destinations over a single ethernet connection. In order to smooth video transmission, enhance the viewer’s visual experience and future development, we recommend that you choose NDI PTZ cameras.

Indoor Live Broadcast of Sports Events

You can choose 2pcs WIN-J86RS HD SDI PTZ Camera and 2 pcs WIN-J86RN NDI PTZ Camera 12X for indoor radio station live broadcast, and 1pcs 4D Joystick Controller.

These 4 pcs PTZ broadcast cameras kits are designed for small to medium-sized match field of covering multiple-angles while staying within budget constraints. Stream an amazing FULL 1080P HD image,connect with the 4D Joystick for scenes changing providing functions such as zoom, focus, and set presets of the cameras.

You can use the 12x optical zoom lens to take wide-angle close-up shots, and the 20x optical zoom lens to take long-distance close-up shots up to 50 feet.All these 4 cameras are controlled by the joystick controller. After connecting the equipment, use OBS studios, vMix, XSplit and other software programs to broadcast live.


Outdoor Live Broadcast of Sports Events

For outdoor live streaming, we recommend you to use 2pcs WIN-J86AS 20X Zoom PTZ Camera and 2pcs WIN-J86AN 20X NDI PTZ cameras plus a WIN-MK7N IP PTZ joystick controller from WODWIN.

These NDI cameras kit is designed for medium to large sized field.

Maximize the 30x optical zoom lens for long distance close up shots up to 75ft away. 4 pcs cameras are conveniently controlled by the IP Joystick Controller over the LAN using IP Visca or ONVIF protocols providing Pan, Tilt and Zoom functions. These cameras can also be connected via HDMI or LAN port using RTSP Protocol.

The sports solution will provide you with high-definition and smooth live broadcast effects, which is very suitable for live sports broadcasts.

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