With More than 10 years’ professional experience in AV Production line with strong R&D team. WODWIN is familiar with market including the PTZ Cameras and PTZ Camera Controller’s. WODWIN Keep launching new products to meet more clients’ needs. Here comes 2023 Newest PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller WIN-JC20 which with Multi-function.
2023 Newest PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller

  1. PTZ Camera Controller is Built-in 3-inch PVW Color Screen


Most Controller till yet is only with blue small screen or none screen to show the menu. In order to realize a easy operation for an event live streaming. WIN-JC20 IP Series Keyboard Controller add a 3 inches color screen. This Camera Controller can support real-time PVW of current camera viewing through up streaming. It means that operator can catch the real-time image via this 3-inch color screen when using with PTZ Camera together. Therefore, it makes the Live Streaming more convenient.

2023 Newest PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller

  1. PTZ Keyboard Controller Can Support 7 Cameras Shortcuts


Normally, you can find that there are 4 camera shortcuts on the PTZ Camera Controller especially on some small size Keyboard. While WIN-JC20 WODWIN New Camera Controller, it is not only small size, but also have 7 camera shortcuts. All PTZ Cameras can be set of quickly according to requirements.

2023 Newest PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller

Besides, it can save up to 1000 Live Streaming Cameras’ information.Via IP can control over 255pcs cameras.The Button all is made of silicone very soft with white and red Led indicate tally light.

2023 Newest PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller

  1. WIN-JC20 PTZ Controller Can Support Multiple Control Protocols


High quality PTZ Camera Controller WIN-JC20 can support VISCA OVER IP, VISCA, ONVIF, NDI and PELCO P/D protocol. We have another version which is support NDI|HX2 protocol we called WIN-JC20N. VISCA is a professional camera control protocol used with PTZ Cameras. It was designed by Sony to be used on several of its surveillance and OEM block cameras.The interface have RJ45 which support POE, also there is a tally interface, which up to 8 tally light.


To dicovery more details about 2023 Newest PTZ Camera Keyboard Controller, welcome to contact WODWIN via sales@wodwins.com. What’s more, we can support OEM and ODM services with good price and low MOQ. Looking forward to your text!