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Advantages of Software Video Conferencing


1. Brief introduction

The principle of the software-based video conferencing system is the same as that of the hardware video conferencing system. The difference is that its MCU and terminals are implemented by using high-performance PC and server software. Besides, because software video conferencing completely relies on the PC, it is more flexible and convenient than hardware video conferencing in terms of data sharing and applications.

2. Advantages

  1.  The pure software system has become a “high-quality and low-cost” solution due to its low investment in hardware equipment and low maintenance.
  2. The adaptability to the network is very good. It can penetrate the firewall, and the flexibility to participate in the meeting is nice. In contrast, hardware video conferencing network requirements are high, requiring no firewalls in the network.
  3. Software video conferencing is highly mobile, while hardware video conferencing is highly fixed.
  4. It has a flexible investment. According to the different requirements of video conferencing, software video conferencing can achieve desktop-level effects or become conference room video conferencing.
  5.   The system is easy to install, deploy, expand and upgrade. USB video conference system are generally used.
  6.  It has strong scalability. It can flexibly utilize document collaboration, provide unified communication of audio, video and documents, increasing the flexibility of video conferencing.
  7. The installation and deployment of the system are more convenient and flexible. The software products adopt distributed deployment, its usage is more flexible, its maintenance is simple, and the product upgrading operation is pretty convenient.
  8.  With the maturity of software video conferencing, the high-definition quality conference can be achieved through software video conferencing, and the high-definition video conferencing module can fully satisfy the requirements like 1080p and 1080i.
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