NDI PTZ Camera

Do you know why NDI PTZ camera can be widely used in the broadcasting field?

NDI transmission protocol solves the IP network problem well and can satisfy the TV station’s program requirements by using the existing network system. With Gigabit Ethernet, you can do 4K and HD programming, and you can use the existing network system to meet the TV station’s program needs. At the same time, the use of ordinary networks can also achieve satisfactory results, and truly achieve low cost and good results.

When the TV station is producing multiple programs, the PTZ broadcast camera and production center need to be connected by SDI video cable. NDI is a LAN-based signal transmission protocol with low delay, accurate frame video, mutual recognition and communication of data streams. That is, a device in a LAN can output or receive multiple NDI signals through a network cable. Replace the SDI video cable for transmission. By connecting the camera to a miniature NDI video encoder, the camera’s SDI or HDMI signals can be converted to NDI signals for collection by various production equipment.

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