You may have more or less understood the Video Conference Camera or PTZ Conference Camera. Because these are just devices for video conferencing. Equipment alone is not enough. In order to make the video conference operation easier and more convenient. So, I suggest you can set up a Video Conference System. Today I would like to talk about the Basic Concepts Of Video Conference System.


1.Video Conference System


First of all, the Video Conference System includes a software Video Conference System and a hardware Video Conference System. It refers to the distribution of static and dynamic images, voice, text, pictures and other data of characters to each user’s computer through various existing technologies by individuals or groups in two or more different places. As the most advanced communication technology at present. Video conferencing can realize efficient and high-definition remote conference and office with the help of the Internet. Video conferencing is gradually developing towards multi-network collaboration and high definition. It has a unique advantage in continuously improving user’s communication efficiency, reducing corporate travel costs, and improving management effectiveness. And it has partially replaced business travel as the latest telecommuting mode.


2.Composition of Video Conference System


Then a good Video Conference System should be composed of a PTZ USB Camera, an Omnidirectional Microphone and a HUB. WODWIN’s WIN-JG3500 Video Conference System is a combination of a PTZ USB Camera, an Omnidirectional Microphone and a HUB. Its PTZ USB Camera has 12X optical zoom and the resolution can reach 1080P. In addition, its Omnidirectional Microphone not only owns a 6m pickup effect. But also supports Bluetooth connection. You can also use the HUB to connect the PTZ USB Camera and Omnidirectional Microphone in series and then connect them to your computer for use. You can also transmit sound as well as sound. The HUB can be controlled by USB, DIN line interface, supporting video and audio transmission. Overall, a Video Conference System can simplify the operation and use of video conferencing equipment.

Basic Concepts Of Video Conference System

Basic Concepts Of Video Conference System


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