Best Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone 2022

Conference Speakerphone have long gotten rid of the cumbersome feeling in people’s impressions nowadays. Not only the sound quality, but also the timbre has been greatly improved. And it integrated BT5.0 Bluetooth connection now. The shape and function have been further improved. Today we will share with you the professional Bluetooth Speakerphone which use in video conference. And what is the best Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone 2022.


1. Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone


Because Bluetooth Speakers are transducers that convert electrical signals into acoustic signals. So audio electrical energy produces sound through electromagnetic, piezoelectric or electrostatic effects. Causing its cone or diaphragm to vibrate and resonate with the surrounding air. First, when you choose a conference speakerphone, you need considering the sound quality. It is HIFI sound, DSP and DNR Echo cancellation. Second, is its pickup range.


WODWIN’s WIN-DM5B is a Bluetooth conference speakerphone kit. Designed for various sizes of space from huddle space to large conference rooms. It not only has Bluetooth + Type-C function. Which can be easily connected and say goodbye to messy cables. The Bluetooth conference speaker also has a built-in 3000mAH battery. Which can last for 8 hours after being fully charged. In your spare time, it can be used as a random speaker. And you can use it to listen to music. Integrated HIFI audio can make the playback sound clearer. The dynamic noise reduction function can completely block out the noise below 50 decibels around you. Provides natural voice sound and echo reduction.


2. 360 Degree Omnidirectional Microphone


The best and professional Conference Speakerphone is not only a speaker. But also integrated with 360 degree omnidirectional microphone. WODWIN’s WIN-DM3B built in 4 microphones array. It is speaker and microphone together. This omnidirectional microphone can not only pick up sound at a range of 5 meters. And it can connect two expansion microphones to collect your voice from a distance. Hence it can also be connected to two expansion microphones. Which can achieve a pickup range of 8-10 meters. That mean this Bluetooth Conference Microphone is good for 60-100 meter’s meeting room. Intuitive LED indicators give you visual guidance.


This is the newest and best Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone launched in 2022. Contact us for more details at