How to start a live stream on TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform for creating, sharing and discovering short videos. Whether it’s through BTS, Q&A, or promoting a product, live streaming on TikTok is a great way to increase your engagement and engage your followers. WODWIN, a live streaming solution provider, will share with you how to start live streaming on TikTok.

Please follow these simple steps.

To access TikTok LIVE, open the app and tap the “+” camera icon.

live stream on TikTok

live stream on TikTok


Next, select the “LIVE” option from the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Choose an image and write a title for your live stream.

Next, click “Start Live”. Your followers will now see a notification that you are going live!

To exit the live stream, press the “X” in the upper left corner of the screen to stop recording.

Tip: After the live broadcast, you can flip the camera, add effects, filter comments, and even add hosts (up to 20).

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