The COVID-19 epidemic has driven the trend of hybrid work. It is increased the demand for seamless switching between home and office work. 75% of office workers have invested in home conference equipment to support new forms of Hybrid work model. Even office has been reconfigured with video conference solutions to support mixed work and cooperation.So hybrid work model will become the new future.

Hybrid Work Model

“Hybrid Work Model” has attracted more and more attention from enterprises domestic and abroad. Social media giant Twitter indefinitely provides its employees with a flexible home office conference system. Reddit also followed and decided to permanently change to a mixed working mode. Microsoft now offers a semi home office policy that allows employees to choose to work remotely at least half of their working days a week.



42% Prefer Hybrid Office and 15% Want to Work Anywhere


The recent ivanti, everywhere workplace report surveyed the opinions of 4510 office workers and 1609 IT professionals in some countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Brussels, Spain, Sweden and Australia to understand their feelings about telecommuti

In this report, 42% of employees said they liked mixed office. It is increase of 5 percentage points over a year ago. 30% want to work from home, 15% want to work anywhere, and only 13% want to work in the office. More than 80% of respondents hope that the office is not an office. It is worth noting that even 71% of ivanti respondents said they would rather work anywhere than get a promotion.

In China, since August 2021, more than 1600 people from Ctrip have participated in the mixed office experiment. The experimental results show that without significant impact on performance, the employee turnover rate has decreased by about 1 / 3, and 59.2% strongly support mixed office.



According to Gartner, by 2024, 32% of employees worldwide will be remote workers.

It can be seen that “mixed office mode” and “ubiquitous workspace” have increasingly become a normal work in the workplace, and have been supported by many professionals. At present, this new trend of office has been first promoted in Internet technology enterprises with relatively perfect it infrastructure.

From “centralized office” to “mixed office” and “office everywhere”, there is more than one change.

Hybrid Work Model need High Quality Video Conference Camera


The transition to mixed work has led enterprises to buy new equipment for their remote staff and offices. Then, high-quality audio and video product has become “an important part of the work of each industry”. Therefore, it will be a trend in the future to have all in one conference cameras integrated with camera, speakerphone and microphone. There will be a large market.



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