online meeting advantage

What is the advantage of online meeting?there are lots of advantage of online meeting.WODWIN will share with you some today. Online meetings helps businesses in reduced costs, reduced travel time. It better client interaction, to solve problem in time and win more business etc.

First, online meeting reduce the cost and save time

Actually, We need to organize and participate in various meetings every day, such as morning meeting, monthly meeting, employee training meeting and customer meeting. The traditional conference, all participants have to go to the same place and communicate face-to-face, so we often have to fly to the different country or even all over the world for meetings. But that wastes money and time. After the COVID-19, people began to use online video conference to replace the traditional face-to-face meeting.


According to the research, video conferencing improves the quality of communication. Rather than dealing with the frustration of long email chains, where the meaning and intent can be lost, meeting participants are able to see important visual cues such as facial expressions and body language shared by other participants. Online meeting using the video conference camera can zoom close and see every participant’s face, so that can make highly understanding.

Second, online meeting can solve problem in time and win more business


WODWIN WIN-J31UB is the USB PTZ Camera with 3X and 10X optical zoom.If there only 3-10 people in the conference room,3X camera is a good choice, it with competitive price, also 4K Eptz webcam is also a good choice.If you don’t like white color, WIN-M51U is a black color USB Conference camera, same function.

If there have 10-18 people, the 10X optical zoom camera can zoom more clearly.For 20-30 people, WIN-J40RU conference camera is better, it is 12X optical zoom, with 72.5 degree wide view angle, the pan is 355 degree and the tilt is 120 degree, so all people we can zoom closer picture, every participates can see each others face and expression.

What is the advantage of online meetings

What is the advantage of online meetings

Additionally, online meeting video calls generally have designated start and stop times. This means that participants engage in less chit-chat and are more likely to remain alert and focused on the meeting’s agenda. This translates into less time wasted in meetings.


There are lots of advantage of online meetings. Do you wonder to know how to hold an online meeting?What is the full conference solution of the online meeting? Pls keep follow us or message us for more details. WODWIN, the leading video conference solution provider is happy to share with you more for free.