To be honest, PTZ Cameras can be controlled by various methods. Such as remote, iPad, Controller or even using an iPhone app. It depends on what function you need. What your budget is or what personal preference is. Thus, the suitable one you think to control SDI or NDI PTZ Cameras is The Best PTZ Camera Controller.


1.WODWIN WIN-MK2 Joystick Controller


Being the good partner of Live Streaming Camera, Broadcasting Camera and Conference Camera, Joystick Controller WIN-MK2 is welcome by our clients from all over the world. Whatever their projects are churches, major events, sports or concerts. It can control the white balance and the zoom in and out. And the pan tilt you can use 4D joystick to control them.

Usually use one Camera Controller can directly control to screens shortcut, so it have the four shortcut cameras so that to the connect with the four PTZ Cameras. However, if you use the IP port to connect with the cameras actually this controller you can control about 255 pieces cameras. Besides, this Controller can support ONVIF, VISCA, Serial port VISCA, PELCO-D/P protocols.

The Best PTZ Camera Controller

The Best PTZ Camera Controller


2.WODWIN WIN-MK7N NDI Camera Controller


WIN-MK7N is the newest NDI Camera Controller with Tally Light. It means that the Controller can support NDI protocols with low latency, except for NVIF, VISCA, Serial port VISCA, PELCO-D/P protocols. What the most important is that it is equipped with tally light so you can work in very dark light, such as nightclub, concert. The preset position is up to 255, as many as the Joystick Controller can control 255 Live Streaming Cameras.

With a convenient one-hand operation 4D joystick, simplified keyboard with silicon button, and robust built quality, it’s the best way to control PTZ Cameras! As soon as you connect to your cameras, you’ll notice the difference.


A higher price tag doesn’t always mean better performance. Indeed, some of the features in PTZ Camera Controller might not even require for some specific users. So choose the suitable one to meet what you need is the Best PTZ Camera Controller. More details about how to choose The Best PTZ Camera Controller or how to use the Controller to control PTZ Conference Camera. Welcome to leave your message to WONWIN’s email: We will give you professional solution.