Today, government departments are in a very different position than they were just a few years ago. Government administrations need to meet complex challenges through real-time collaboration. And serve the people in a digital environment. All while maintaining people’s privacy and protecting critical government data and information. Today we take a look at Video Conferencing Solution For Government.


1. Government Video Conferencing

Although since governments started running virtually for their congress meetings or e-courts. The need for stable transmission and advanced Video Conferencing solutions has become a fundamental necessity to connect with leaders from across the country and around the world. In order to make more effective strategic decisions for the citizens of the country. Inter-agency planning and collaboration between rather large organisations like government units used to be very time consuming and costly. But with the implementation of Video Conferencing PTZ Camera. These agencies are finding it easier to share and develop the best work plans by conducting Video Conferencing. And can keep all stakeholders well-informed.


2. Video Conferencing Camera

Heavy and complex caseloads, communication between departments, travel costs and budgetary issues. This makes it increasingly difficult for government departments to operate efficiently with each other. Therefore, WODWIN’s WIN-J86AS+DM5B Camera Video Conferencing solution meets the need for seamless and reliable Video Conferencing for government employees in this environment.

The unique exterior styling of the Video Conferencing PTZ Camera was designed by a renowned French designer. The Full HD Camera use an SDI interface to transmit video footage with consistent and clear picture quality during Video Conferencing. Omnidirectional Microphone has four built-in 360° omnidirectional microphones. When connected to the two expansion microphones, the pickup effect can reach 5-8m. WODWIN’s WIN-J86AS+DM5B Camera Video Conferencing solution has been widely used in government, corporate meetings and education and training industries.

Video Conferencing Solution For Government

Video Conferencing Solution For Government


Over the years, WODWIN has provided high-quality Video Conferencing solutions to various industries and government agencies. If you would like to find out more about government video conferencing solutions. You can contact me at