what is ptz camera

What different types of PTZ cameras are there?

PTZ cameras are always separated by theire optical zoom such as Full HD 1080P ptz video cameras, 4K Ultra HD Ptz cameras.

PTZ camera also can be separate by their video output. The most popular video outputs including USB, HDMI, SDI, NDI and Lan.

1. Lan Port

The most popular cable connection for PTZ camera is LAN Ethernet. Ip streaming. A single ethernet cable can now be used for low-latency IP video, camera control, and it can power your PTZ camera using a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) network switch. WODWIN NDI cameras now feature PoE connectivity built-in and ethernet is generally used to replace the need for power supplies and outlets needed to be installed by electricians in remote locations. Because of IP video and ethernet technology is continuing to evolve, this cable has become the most important when it comes to innovation. A new video standard called NDI is now available in many PTZ cameras (NDI PTZ Cameras) which provides IP video connectivity with many of the most popular live-streaming solutions including Wirecast, vMix, TriCaster, Livestream Studio, MimoLive, and many more.

2.SDI Port

SDI is very popular video output for PTZ cameras because of its durability, the ability to be run long distances over 100-300 meters. SDI can send video and audio directly from cameras to devices and does not require any networking equipment. With the ability to send 3G (3 gigabits of data), 6G (6 gigabits of data) and even 12G (12 Gigabits of data) with these cables allow for resolutions up to 4K.

3.HDMI Port

HDMI is popular because of its integration with almost every consumer device. HDMI is built into monitors and video switchers that are readily available almost everywhere. HDMI does support resolutions up to 4K but unlike SDI this cable can only reliably be run 50 feet without signal degradation. HDMI video production equipment is usually less expensive than SDI equipment.

4.USB Port

USB is a cable that is used for plug and play use with PTZ cameras. WODWIN USB camera can provide video connectivity with any live streaming or video production software in the same way that you would connect a webcam to your laptop. USB can also be used for camera control using a protocol called UVC. While USB connectivity may seem like the easiest way to connect cameras to your computer, USB ports can have limited bandwidth to support high definition video.

So the NDI ptz camera, 4K ptz camera, SDI ptz camera,Usb ptz camera are all very popular and suitable different application duing to diffent use, such as tele-conference, tele-education, tele-medicine, church, events, sports, stage court and so on.