Video Conference Cameras have become popular in Audio and Video industry over the past few years. There are various kind of PTZ Cameras in the market. But not all the PTZ Cameras have Auto Tracking Function. Which Camera is Auto Tracking Camera?


WODWIN, the leading supplier of Video Conference Cameras, will introduce you 2 most popular Auto Tracking Cameras.

1.WIN-M57S Auto Tracking Camera

As we all know that an Auto Tracking PTZ Camera is trained to detect the human face and automatically pan, tilt and zoom to follow the targeted person. This HD Camera is with advanced ISP processing algorithms to provide vivid images. It can track the first person who first in the image. Once she get out. Then it will automatic to track the second people. The interface is including SDI, HDMI, LAN and USB3.0. So this Live Streaming Camera can easy connect with lots of equipment. This wonderful camera is WODWIN hot selling SDI PTZ Camera WIN-M57S.

WIN-M57S Auto Tracking Camera


There are two kinds of optical zoom can be chosen of Video Conference Camera WIN-M57S. One is 12X optical zoom, which is suitable for 18 to 25 people. The other is 20X optical zoom, which can accommodate 40 to 60 people. Therefore, our clients can choose suitable one for church live streaming, Tele-Medicine, sports event broadcasting, etc..

2. WIN-M49K 4K Voice Tracking Camera with Auto Framing

WIN-M49K is new launched  4K Auto Tracking Camera. It equipped with 2 lens, 1 is 4K PTZ Camera, and another is Panorama lens with 110degree wide view angle. This camera built in 6 microphones with 6 meters voice tracking. auto tracking function. And this 4K Camera with AI Auto Framing, people who enter into the room can be adjust in the center of the screen. This kind of PTZ Auto Tracking Cameras are especially suited for lecture capture, corporate training, church Live Streaming and so on.

Auto Tracking Camera with Voice Tracking


WODWIN is famous for its high quality AV products. Which including PTZ Camera, Broadcasting Camera, Webcam, Joystick Controller, Video Switcher, Microphone, etc.. We also have professional Auto Tracking Camera. If you have any need, please feel free to contact with WODWIN via email: