As we knowing that the video conferencing place an important role in the airline business, and will be more and more popular in future. A full Aviation Video Conferencing System can  improve efficiency and reduce management costs, CAA strengthen management and communication between units at all levels.

So how to built this complete set of video conferencing system for aviation companies’ office?


1.Video Conferencing System for Multi-Location


The videoconferencing systems usually including the video conference cameras, conference speakers. They all compatible with the software such as Zoom, Skype, Lync, Cisco Webex, Bluejeans, Goto meeting, and so on.

The full video conference equipment installed at the aviation departments headquarters and installed audio and video conferencing in multiple local branch offices.

As a result, high-quality audio video conferencing is available at the fingertips from CAA headquarters to individual airports. Encouraging staff at different locations to work together more often.They can communicate anytime such as hand-in-hand conferencing.

2.Video conference for Administrative Meetings

In recent years, many airlines have adopted a new method of group meetings: video conferencing. In face-to-face meetings, participants face each other and often simply recount what they’ve already said in an email or a report. With a video conference system, all participants can see each other and there’s no chance that someone will repeat something already expressed by another person. This helps everyone stay engaged in the conversation and a very efficient use of time.


3.Broadcast camera system for airline training

To further improve efficiency, an air traffic control system developed in-house training video conference system for pilots, controllers, technicians and other staff. With WODWIN’s SDI or NDI PTZ cameras, you can have a smooth and clear live broadcast, where conference instructors can share their professional expertise with pilots, technicians, etc., or you can record a complete set of training videos for your company.



WODWIN provides you with a complete aviation video conference solution, pay attention to our website! We will customize a perfect solution for you.