You know there are long distance from one railway station to next station. Then how to communicate more fast and more efficiency between different Railway bureaus?


WODWIN establish a Rail Conferencing System for communication and collaboration in order to accelerate the immediacy of communication.


The following place will use rail conferencing system.

  1. Large scale remote conference meeting between the road bureau head office and their branches.
  2. Remote video conference meeting  is be held for business seminar and exchange news.
  3. This PTZ camera system is suitable for all kinds of remote interactive training such as technical training.
  4. The dispatching meeting between different station will asl use this camera system.
  5. Every station will hold the routine handover meeting via conference system.

This video conference system can use in many railway place. Do you know which device is better to hold a online communication meeting?

For example, regarding the PTZ camera, we have HD1080P and 4K cameras, which one is better? How to choose? As the camera is output video, shall we also need to choose the audio product?

WODWIN will share different Railway Conferencing System with you according to different place.

If you want to know more about video conferencing solution, welcome to send us message.

We will teach you which device is needed for your Railway Department.