How to build a full video conference for railway meeting? Which device is better for the railway online meeting?

WODWIN will share with you in details and tell you how to choose video ptz cameras and microphone in different railway scenarios.



1. Which conferencing device better for Railway Headquarters?

The 4K ptz camera WIN-M42K  can be installed in the railway headquarter. You know the 4K camera is Ultra HD high quality image, and the resolution is up to 4K60FPS, 8.5Megapixels.

In the regional offices you can installed with Full HD 1080P PTZ cameras WIN-M57U3 to enable multi-region teleconference communication.

And our 4K PTZ camera is USB3.0 and HDMI port which easily connect with many device. It reduces travel costs for inspectors to visit their train stations and other facilities.

2. The Remote Training Solution for Railroad 

Now, duing to the COVID-19, all employees from different regions is hard to come to one place for training. And that costs too much , not easy to realize .

So online trainning become the trend. Hence, the remote video conferencing training system WODWIN USB SDI PTZ cameras WIN-J91AS make them to train online.

This IP PTZ camera is 20X optical zoom can close up picture. It support recorded or broadcast video.

The railroad’s technical staff can teach staff about operations and can also conduct training for service personnel online.

Do you feel that the above two program solutions are lack of audio equipment?


Since the camera only outputs video, we also equipped the meeting with a wireless Bluetooth microphone WIN-DM3B to take calls, which can also be used as a speaker very convenient. In order to be able to remotely control multiple cameras, it also need to configure the control keyboard WIN-MK2, so that you can remotely control different cameras.

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