Every year, November 1st is the All Saints’ Day,and there will lots of activties will be hold at the night before Halloween. What do you think of the Halloween Day?Trick or treat?The children pick up a pumpkin light knocking on doors asking for candy? In fact, It is a traditional holiday in the Western Country, which is dedicated to the memory of the deadth, including saints, martyrs and all the departed.


The traditional customs of Halloween


It is mainly popular in western countries such as the United States, British Isles, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Children dressed up as various cute ghosts and goblins knocking on doors door to door asking for candy or else they will trick or treat. Most adults will satisfy them on that day, actually not only to drive away the ghosts and spirits, but also to make the children happy.


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What are the differences in China?


But here in China, it is changes with our traditional culture.Do you heard that here is a ghost in every Chinese’s mind?That’s why, on that day, we will attend various parties and dress up as various “monsters and demons” on Halloween to experience the lively atmosphere of this festival.Our’s wear Black and white impermanence, Ox-headed and horse-faced demons in Hades, etc.While On the Halloween in the West, people often dress up as vampires, zombies, werewolves, mummies and other characters.


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With the development of information technology, the world cultures are constantly intermingling and many western holidays are popular in China, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. On such a meaningful day, it would be a good idea to use WODWIN’s live streaming PTZ cameras to record the events you hold and share them with your friends.


WODWIN wishes you a happy holiday.