Video Conferencing System for Tele-medicine

In the past, people needed to go to the hospital to see a doctor in person. Some even flew far away.With the development of  Video Conferencing for Telehealth, although telephone communication can quickly connect two places. It may result in some errors in information transmission.


You know doctor have to looking at the patient’s face, asking the questions, confirmation according to many details and their action.


So through the telephone can not know eactlly. Thus, the establishment of remote video conferencing for telehealth is of great help to improve the efficiency of hospital treatment.


The functions of WODWIN telemedicine video conference camera system can perfectly solve the inconvenience caused by doctors and patients in different places.


1.Why Choose Video Conferencing System for Tele-medicine?


Doctor can see clearly image of the patients on line through video output from our video conference camera such as WIN-J40RU. It has 12X zoom which can zoom fast and clearly. FULL HD1080P high resolution quality, the USB port plug and play.


The audio device from WIN-DM3B is a 3-5 meters sound voice pick up speaker. It built-in microphone and speakerphone.Let patients and doctors listening both side just like a face to face communication.

2. How To Connect And Open A Video Inspection?


Before the meeting, you can connect the USB PTZ camera WIN-J40RU and conference microphone WIN-DM3B to the computer or electronic whiteboard in the ward.


Then the image are displayed on the display screen. By using video conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, Gotomeeting, etc. Patients use their phones or computers to receive a link to the meeting invitation and access the online video conference.


Finally, The doctor can observe the basic condition of the patient’s face and body. Their patients can receive preliminary diagnosis and treatment in time.

How To Connect And Open A Video Inspection


3.Which Video Conferencing Equipment Better for Medical Diagnosis?


WODWIN conference camera kit for telemedicine will help doctors to know more of the patients conditions. Regarding the medical conference systems, it usually includes video and audio equipment,display, electronic whiteboard or PC.


Video device is usually choose the USB conference camera which more easy conect, plug and play, the cost also cheap.It has 3X,10X,12X and 20x optical zoom, suitable for Small or medium-sized meeting rooms.


Because the camera can only produce pictures and can’t pick up sound, we are equipped with a multi-functional microphone.WIN-DM3B is a Bluetooth speaker, just turn on the Bluetooth connection, you can make calls. The conference microphone is also a speaker with Hifi sound quality.


WODWIN telemedicine video conference equipment is designed to help patients, experts and doctors achieve better “face-to-face” meetings.As Remote Medical becomes more popular than ever, it is being used in all aspects of medical treatment, such as remote expert consultation, surgical recording, etc. Please contact WODWIN immediately to learn more about our services!