How to choose the PTZ camera system for your conference room? What is the full audio video solution for zoom meeting? WODWIN has launched New Video Conferencing Camera System WIN-JG3500E with two expansion microphones.


Which is similar to Logitech C3500e HD 1080P Group. This video conferencing system group including the HD PTZ camera, bluetooth speakerphone, usb hub, two expansion microphones, which are easy connect.



1.Single Arm 12X PTZ camera


The single arm design PTZ camera is Full HD1080P resolution,12X optical zoom. Wide view angel is 72.5 degree. The output interfaces are USB2.0 and com port. The pan is 355 degree,and the tilt is 120 degree.It support to 255 presets position.The camera supports image flip for desktop, wall, tripod, and ceiling mounting. USB PTZ camera compatible with SONY VISCA protocol, PELCO P/D protocol.



2. Omnidirectional Microphone

Then let’s see 360 degree microphone built-in 4 omnidirectional microphones and HIFI sound speaker.It is Bluetooth connection. The pickup range can reach up to 6 meters.


The microphone also has DNR, DSP echo cancellation function. It can control the PTZ of the camera and can set 3 preset positions shortcut.The wireless microphone is also equipped with 2 extended microphones that extend the pickup range to 6-8 meters, it for optional choose to suitable for different size conference room.



3. USB3.0 Hub

Finally, hub has USB, DIN port,support video audio transmit also control.You should to connect the camera and microphone to the hub first, and then connect the hub to the computer, and you are ready to start the meeting.



WODWIN WIN-JG3500e Group Video conference system is often used in online education, lecture recording, telemedicine, video conferencing, unified communications, etc,.

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