Live broadcasting become more popular, people relax, entertain and learn knowledge through live broadcasting nowadays.The hospital also use the live streaming system to provide online trainning, expert consultation. And they even use live streaming solution for surgery.


For difficult operations, sometimes need doctors and experts from various countries to consultation and help doing the surgery.However the COVID-19 and the far distance prevent them to come in time.


Life is precious and can’t afford to wait. This time a professional Live Streaming Solution for surgery is very important.WODWIN combines medical live broadcast requirement to provide with a professional live broadcast solution.


1.Video High-definition Images


When the doctor remotely instructs the patient during the operation. If the image is blurred, the doctor cannot accurately judge the wound. Which may endanger the patient’s life. Therefore, telemedicine surgery needs to be equipped with a camera with high definition and low delay.


Choose the PTZ camera can rotate in all directions. Doctors can see the state of patients from all angles. 4K Ultra HD camera is 8.5MP, can get clear image. While considering the cost at least need HD1080P60fps image.


Regarding the zoom, 20X and 30X optical zoom is better to zoom far distance.Thus WIN-M42K the 4K PTZ camera, or WIN-M57S the SDI PTZ camera which pan is 340 degree is the best choice to helping doctor see every cornor. The patient’s wound and the whole operation process are very clear using our camera, personally suggest you use NDI low latency version which can get image in time, you know time is money and life.


2.Audio Interaction Live Streaming for Surgery

Sound quality is also very important. Low delay of the audio and video can help doctors interaction in time. The doctor can remote guide the operator in the surgery room to make a successful surgery to save a people’s life. Exchange experience and solve their questions.


WODWIN conference speaker WIN-DM3B is a 360 degree microphone with bluetooth.It can work about 8 hours. Doctors can communicate with the audience, and voice transmission is faster and more convenient.


When performing complex procedures, it is essential to have the right visual information at the right time — with no distractions. Therefore, clinicians and nurses need technologies and solutions that allow them to concentrate on all the important details.



3.Playback of Live Streaming for Surgery


Most of doctor’s work is very busy, they have no time to study.The playback function is very important. It can be watched by doctors who do not have time to watch the live broadcast. Our video conference camera can be used with many conference software: Zoom, Skype, Cisco WebEx, Microsoft Team, GoTo Meeting, Blue Jeans, etc.


WODWIN’s live streaming solution can realize live broadcast, interaction and teaching, etc. If you want more solution, Welcome to contact us!