The Telemedicine Cart Solution is a good method and become more popular. How to build the video conference camera system for Online visitation?

Although the Covid-19, it is well control. Many hospitals still take strict actions on epidemic prevention. Some of them restrict the visits of patients’ relatives during hospitalization.

This method can effectively reduce the risk of virus transmission. But it also will cause the patients’ emotional anxiety which is not good for patients’ recovery.

WODWIN provides a remote online video conference system for healthcare facilities. Through it, the doctors are easy to check the patient’s room remotely. It enables the patients and their families to have face to face communication at any time.

1. How to build video conference camera system for Online visitation?

WODWIN works with medical institutions to equip their wards with the USB PTZ camera WIN-M57U3. This HD USB Camera is  full HD 1080p/60fps. It has 12x, 20x and 30x optical zoom for optional. The connection ports are USB, HDMI, LAN.

In addition to this, audio equipment is needed. WODWIN conference bluetooth microphone WIN-DM3B is very easy to operate. The Bluetooth microphone has 6 built-in microphones and 2 speakers, so the sound can be heard clearly from 3-5meters.

You can start your video family calling with the speakerphone, camera and the software such as zoom, skype and so on .


2. USB PTZ camera is suitable for family members to visit patients


Some family members of patients works far away from home.  If they want to see their family, they can make an appointment a date in advance.Then through the conference system such as Skype or zoom or Goto Meeting software, all the family member can start their online video calling visit patients.



3. Ultra 4K camera is suitable for doctors’ remote ward rounds


For patients in isolated critical care areas, nurses place a mobile medical cart with a 4K PTZ camera at the patient’s bedside. In the meantime, doctor can check their condition remotely through the HD camera. And can encourage them to face the illness.


WODWIN provide the professional solution for your medical cart, your telemedicine solution.

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