With the current video conference, remote training and live broadcast of concert become more popular. Do you want to know what equipment do you need for live streaming? How to realize the functions of live and broadcast like TV studio?


WODWIN combines the advantages of traditional TV studios to build a complete set of live broadcasting system.


1.Video capture equipment


When you start live broadcasting, you should to use the camera to pick up images. WODWIN SDI PTZ camera has advanced ISP technology to make the image vivid.

In addition, we also launched the NDI version, which has low latency and higher transmission rate. If you want better image quality, we also have 4K camera.


WODWIN broadcast camera WIN-M57S is full HD 1080P resolution. It’s 1/2.8 inch high-quality image sensor. The camera has 12X, 20X or 30X zoom is optional. It also adopts advanced auto focus algorithm, so that the lens can complete auto focus quickly and accurately.


Output HD video to the computer through USB interface. Note: ensure that the interface is HDMI interface (consistent with camera and wire). Then the acquisition resolution is generally divided into 60 frames and 30 frames. Generally, 60 frames correspond to 1080p and 30 frames correspond to 720p.


What equipment do you need for live streaming

2.Audio acquisition equipment


Second, when you record video, you need an audio device to pick up sound.


WODWIN has a wireless microphone WIN-DM3B. It’s bluetooth connection. The voice pickup range is 3-5M. What’s more, it can also be used as a speaker to play music.We also have USB microphone WIN-DM1U.It is free driver,plug and play.


If your camera is equipped with a microphone. But you need to improve the sound, the sound card for special sound processing.



3.How to upload video


After you record the video, you usually upload it to the computer and software to play it.


For a computer device, we recommend that you choose one with more than 8G of running memory. Secondly, it is best to have more than one USB 3.0 port to ensure the transfer of HD video.


What other equipment do you need when you need to shoot multiple angles? Do you know about keyboard controller and switching station? Welcome to send us an email for a more complete conference camera solution. sales@wodwins.com