As we all know, studios usually use multi angle shooting for better program effect. How to effectively control each camera remotely? In addition, after recording the video, how to play the captured video to the TV in time? What is the video recording equipment?


Wodwin also produces a control keyboard that can control multiple cameras at the same time. And a live recording and broadcasting all-in-one machine with live broadcasting and recording broadcasting functions.


1. What is a keyboard controller?

When the studio uses multiple cameras for live broadcasting, the camera can not be effectively controlled only by remote control. The keyboard can control the zoom, rotation and preset position of different cameras. The 4D pan tilt camera rocker controller can also adjust the white balance and image quality of the camera. It can control 255 cameras through IP. It is fully compatible with a variety of PTZ camera coding protocols in the market, and supports ONVIF, VISCA, PELCO-D / P protocols, etc. Its maximum communication distance is 1200m.


2. What is a video switcher?


When the staff needs to switch different pictures to the live picture. The video switching station can prepare pictures and videos in advance and play materials orderly. The video switching station of wodwin is easy to carry. Integrated design saves it from buying other accessories. So, what are the functions of the video switcher?

What is The Video Recording Equipment

What is The Video Recording Equipment


(1) It supports real-time access and hybrid switching of multi-channel video files. Such as local media files, virtual matting, network streaming media, real-time video, spliced pictures and other signal sources.

(2)All input and output signals can be recorded at the same time, and all on-site original videos can be saved for later editing and archiving. In addition, it can flexibly set the code rate, resolution and recording format of each signal.

(3)Multi screen pre monitoring window, one screen can realize real-time monitoring and operation control of each input and output. It can output aux, PVW, PGM and other signals to large screen monitoring and third-party equipment through SDI and HDMI, so as to ensure the clarity and safety of the played video.

(4)In the process of program production and live broadcast, subtitles, corner signs and clocks are usually superimposed to support the free addition of subtitles and corner signs.

(5)With multi-channel mixing function,you can controll arbitrarily the volume of each input and total output.


WODWIN is good at building audio and video system solutions for TV studios. If you are preparing to start live broadcasting, or you need to broadcast live on campus TV and record programs. Welcome to contact us, we will help you build a more perfect system.