Telecom company video conference gradually began to use in management. Because of it‘’s flexible deployment, powerful functions, convenient use, and the ability to participate in meetings anytime and anywhere.

1.Video conference manage system


In addition to holding video conference. WODWIN video conference system also suitable for telecom companies to manage. We will build a perfect conference scheme for you from the perspective of internal video conference, remote daily work communication, remote cooperation and training.

Telecom Company video conference builds a suitable internal conference system. On the one hand, If it is a meeting room with about 10-40 people. We recommend that you choose 3X or 10X PTZ cameras. On  the other hand, If there are about 40-100 people, you could choose 12x or 20x camera. The software video conference system has clear and smooth image quality. Therefore, you could connect USB PTZ camera with electronic whiteboard, TV display screen, etc,. and start real-time interactive communication simply and easily.


In addition, since PTZ camera can only output images, we suggest you choose conference microphone to talk online. Our microphone has a USB Microphone QIN-DM1U and needs to be connected to the computer. The other is a Bluetooth microphone WIN-DM3B with a built-in 3000mAh battery.








For branches operating in different places, how to communicate daily work with the headquarters?


High-definition webcam applies to companies operating in different places for video conference. Firstly, 4K webcam win-jv30u3 is a three in one product integrating camera, microphone and speaker. Secondly, The microphone has a pickup range of up to 8 meters. The speaker has hifi clear sound. Webcam built-in audio DSP will effectively reduce noise interference and echo cancellation. Finally, usb3 The 0 output interface is easy to connect.


Then, how to use video conferencing equipment in remote customer service and live training of telecom companies? Welcome to follow us!