vMix software and ATEM Switchboard is famous and using by a lot while doing live streaming for events. The ATEM Control Switchboard is a hardware solution provided by Blackmagic Design for their ATEM line of live production switchers. While vMix Control Switchboard is a software-based control panel is provided for vMix software. Have you ever use one Control Switchboard which have both ATEM and vMix function? WODWIN, the leading manufacturer of Audio and Video product lauched the latest ATEM and vMix Control switchboard WIN-JK5X.

ATEM and vMix Control switchboard WIN-JK5X

1.WIN-JK5X Control Panel is Integrated hardware design

WODWIN ATEM and vMix Control switchboards is integrated with ATEM Switcher and vMix software function. This Control panel is fully embedded system with simplified structure, integrating director switching, audio adjustment and special effects & transitions all in one. This streamlined design enhances efficiency and ease of use, allowing users to focus on creating captivating live video content.


With the brand-new upgrade ATEM function, users can quickly access popular features like S/SRC, MACRO, AUX, and M/E. Moreover, the switchboards allow for custom function settings, enabling users to explore and create unique effects and transitions.

WODWIN ATEM and vMix Control Switchboard is with 12-Channel PGM and PVW

2.WODWIN ATEM and vMix Control Switchboard is with 12-Channel PGM and PVW:

Both ATEM and vMix Control switchboards support up to 12 channels of live video switching. This impressive capability provides extensive options to seamlessly switch between different video sources, enriching the visual experience for viewers. The 12 channel PGM+12 channel PVW live switching allows for seamless transitions and a professional-grade production quality.


3.Built-in Custom Audio Adjustment Function:

Audio is a crucial component of any live video production, and the ATEM and vMix Control switchboards excel in this aspect. With their built-in custom audio adjustment function, users can easily control multi-channel audio sources, including Audio, XLR, MIC, and MP. This ensures impeccable sound quality and synchronization, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Control Panel with Audio Adjustment Function

4.Compatibility with Various Live Broadcast Software:

WODWIN ATEM and vMix Control switchboard is not limited to their own series of devices. It support MIDI protocol and are compatible with a wide range of live broadcast software, including Vmix. This compatibility empowers users to have greater flexibility in their live video production setup. The switchboards can seamlessly control directing, transitions, tuning, and even the one-key black screen function, making them a versatile all-in-one solution.

WODWIN vMix Control switchboard

WODWIN ATEM Control switchboard

5.24-Channel Tally Output Function:

To facilitate real-time monitoring and communication between production crew members, the ATEM and vMix Control switchboards come equipped with a built-in DP25 tally interface. This functionality supports up to 24 tally signal output functions, ensuring smooth coordination and a synchronized workflow during live video production.


6.Convenient USB 2.0 and LAN Dual Interface Connections:

The ATEM and vMix Control switchboards offer simple and convenient connectivity options. They support both LAN and USB 2.0 connections, enabling users to establish driver-free connections. The LAN connection, exclusive to the ATEM switchboard, allows for video signal transmission to computers and live video production software without the need for a capture card. This simplifies the setup process and enhances the overall efficiency of live video production.


7.All Aluminum Alloy Body:

In addition to their outstanding performance, the ATEM and vMix Control switchboards feature an all-aluminum alloy body. The anodized aluminum alloy panel treatment ensures durability, guarantees longevity of the device, and adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. This quality construction sets them apart from the competition and assures users of their reliability for years to come.

ATEM and vMix Control Panel

WODWIN ATEM and vMix Control Switchboard is good for live streaming. The ability to customize effects, seamless live video switching, and compatibility with various software make them indispensable tools for professionals in the field. With their exceptional audio control, robust connectivity options, and durable construction, the ATEM and vMix Control switchboards redefine what it means to create captivating and visually stunning live video productions.For more details and price welcome to contact sales@wodwins.com.