In today’s fast-paced society, live streaming has become an integral part of how we consume and experience events. From concerts and conferences to sports matches and product launches, live streaming offers a convenient and immersive way for audiences across the globe to participate in real-time. As an innovative live streaming camera supplier and factory, World Win Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,LTD is at the forefront of this revolution, providing cutting-edge devices that empower the future of live streaming.

WODWIN professional live streaming events solution

1.The Rise of Live Streaming:

In recent years, live streaming has witnessed an exponential growth in popularity. The advancements in technology, coupled with increased internet accessibility, have made it possible for anyone with a smartphone or computer to become a content creator or consumer. The convenience of live streaming allows people to connect, engage, and share experiences like never before.


2.The Crucial Role of Devices:

While live streaming can be done with basic equipment, such as smartphones, it’s the devices designed specifically for this purpose that truly enhance the streaming experience. World Win Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,LTD recognizes this need and offers a diverse range of live streaming cameras that cater to different event requirements and budgets. These devices come equipped with advanced features to ensure high-quality audio and video, seamless connectivity, and user-friendly interfaces.

3.Key Devices for Live Streaming Events:


For larger-scale events, professional-grade cameras are essential to capture the action with precision and clarity. These Live broadcast cameras offer high-resolution video, adjustable Pan Tilt and zoom. Which allowing streamers to achieve the desired visual effect.


WODWIN’s are specializing in these professional Live Streaming Cameras. WODWIN PTZ Cameras with 4K or Full HD1080P Resolution,12x, 20x or 30X zoom. The SDI,LAN, HDMI, USB3.0 Port easy connect with lots of Live Streaming Equipment. The mostly hot selling is WIN-J86AN NDI PTZ Camera, WIN-J86AKN, 4K 20X NDI PTZ Camera, WIN-JK45H 4K Camera.For more details pls send email to

professional Live Streaming Cameras

What’s more, you need joystick controller to control many cameras.Use this PTZ Camera controller you can remote control all cameras and easy operation.You can have better streaming from different position and place.For large live streaming events, a video switcher will help you to easy seeing over 8 rooms video image.Video switcher is a vital tool for live streaming events, as it enables smooth source switching, transition effects, overlaying visuals, graphics and titles, audio mixing, streaming output, and control and monitoring capabilities. These functions work together to create a professional and engaging live stream experience for the viewers.

video switcher for live streaming event

Live streaming is revolutionizing the way we connect and engage with events. As the demand for live streaming continues to grow, World Win Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,LTD remains committed to providing innovative devices that empower content creators and enable viewers to be a part of the action. With their range of live streaming cameras and specialized encoders, World Win Technology (ShenZhen) Co.,LTD is driving the future of live streaming, making it more accessible, immersive, and unforgettable.