Live streaming solution for vlogger has increased explosively in recent years. According to the current viewing data of  YOUTUBE, TIKTOK and other platforms, tens of millions of people watch their favorite streaming media online every day. Successful bloggers have high-quality live broadcasting equipment in addition to their initial talents or specialties. Therefore, WODWIN live camera provides multiple live streaming solutions for individual bloggers. We provide more professional, simple and practical video and audio equipment for live broadcasting.


1.SDI PTZ camera for live video streaming


The WODWIN SDI PTZ camera delivers 1080P/60Hz HD video with a 12 or 20x optical zoom, high quality lens and fast autofocus capability. Simply connect the camera to your computer’s USB port using the included 5ft. USB2.0 cable to capture the stream. It’s very easy to connect and plug-and-play. Alternatively, you can plug an HDMI cable from the camera’s HDMI output into a local monitor to display larger and clearer images on the monitor. It has an SDI interface dedicated to live streaming. So you can transmit video up to about 100 meters using the SDI cable.

When you are using SDI camera for live streaming, Our camera has excellent close-up shots and ability to autofocus. It’s perfect for showing off arts/crafts, musical instruments, jewelry, food, even cool toys, etc.

In addition, we have equipped the live camera with a WODWIN conference microphone. First of all, it can achieve excellent recording quality between 3-6 meters distance. This microphone has 6 built-in microphones with echo cancellation technology. It also has a speaker with HIFI sound quality. Secondly, the microphone uses wireless Bluetooth connection, which is very convenient and fast. Finally, its design is very compact, easy to carry and versatile.



2.1080P webcam suitable for low budget





For some bloggers who are just starting to make videos. If you don’t have a lot of budget, you can also choose our 3-in-1 1080P webcam WIN-DSM7. It has camera, microphone and speaker. And it doesn’t need additional software or hardware. Once you connect web camera to your computer, you can start broadcasting directly. Our webcam has a very large wide angle and automatically adjusts the picture in dark. It also has an innovative design with built-in privacy cover, so it can effectively protect your privacy.


Personal live streaming is involved in various industries. More and more beauty bloggers on YOUTUBE who have a lot of fans and work with many beauty brands. We understand that the beauty industry promotes its brands through social media, and we work in depth with the beauty industry industry to help them build better meeting management and training systems.


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