Women love beauty and people attach importance to health, which is an eternal topic. This makes beauty institutions grow fastly like mushrooms. In 2021, more and more beauty company expansion their health and beauty chain. Due to the large number of branches, especially the front-line sales personnel, they are all over the country,distance is a big problem for them. Hence, the Video Conference for Health and Beauty places an important role in their daily connection between the beauty chains.


In the daily work, the task cooperation and communication efficiency between the head office and branches are very important to the whole group. Therefore, WODWIN has built a beauty salon video conference system for beauty retailer. Which greatly reduces the number of business trips of employees and improves the decision-making speed of daily work.


1.Video Conference for Health and Beauty


When the beauty retailer is conducting a more formal and important video conference, Video Conference for Health and Beauty will greatly affect the actual conference results. WODWIN USB PTZ camera WIN-M57U3 has 1080p/60fps resolution. It has 12x, 20x, 30x multiple zoom.You can use it in meeting rooms of different sizes. WODWIN video conference system has perfect HD resolution and high transmission rate. No matter where employees are, they can join the conference as long as computer, tablet PC or mobile phone can be connected to a stable network.



2.Wireless Audio System for Beauty

In addition to the video system, we also have audio system, it is wireless bluetooth microphone WIN-DM3B. This conference microphone built in 6 microphones array. And the sound pickup range can reach to 5 meters. It adopts DSP echo cancellation technology and built-in speaker with HIFI sound quality. This speaker is mini, you can put it at the table and even carry out.



3.The Video Conference System Compatible with Various Software and Scenarios


WODWIN video conference system equipment has various functions for remote conference of beauty company. You can use it with zoom, OBS, Skype, goto meeting and other video conferencing software. In addation, It can meet the needs of various scenarios. For example, you can use it for Q & A, document presentation, conference recording, conference roll call and other functions.


Video Conference for Health and Beauty is a very professional industry that needs to train employees. Therefore. How to built a conference system for remote training? Please keept follow our next article.