What are Benefits of Using Telemedicine in Rural Area? Obviously, using Healthcare in rural area not only can save the time and cost of patients. It also can improve monitoring, timeliness and communication within the health care system. Telemedicine allows for Video Conference or Live Streaming between patients and their physicians.

Here WODWIN will introduce the benefits of using Telemedicine in rural communities with Video Conference Equipment.

1.Convenient and Affordable

With Telehealth, people living in remote areas may not need to leave their homes to communicate with health care professionals. What’s more, they also can get the care they need at an affordable cost. Therefore, WONDWIN launched an affordable and multifunctional Ultra HD 4K Webcam WIN-JV30U3 for Telemedicine. It is 8.5MP, which means that images and videos can be transmit much clearer. This Video Soundbar is 3-in-1 camera, including Camera, Speaker and Microphone. Besides, it has USB3.0+LINE IN/OUT interfaces, so it can easy to play and plug.


Benefits of Using Telemedicine in Rural Area


2.Better Assessment

Today, Telemedicine platforms are able to collect patient vital signs and other health data using connected devices. For example, using 4K PTZ Camera WIN-J40RK for Live Streaming or Video Conferencing, it can help physician check the emotion and environment for the patient. In addition, the doctor and patient can talk freely to assess the current situation like they are face to face. This Video Conference Camera WIN-J40RK is 12X Optical Zoom with HDMI, USB and LAN ports. It is very suitable for Video Conference between the physician and the patient.


Benefits of Using Telemedicine in Rural Area


These are the Benefits of Using Telemedicine in Rural Area. If you have Telmedicine or other related projects, such as Live Streaming,Video Conference and Broadcasting. Pls contact with WODWIN via email: sales@wodwins.com. They will provide professional suggestions for you with more than 10 years’ experience in AV industry.