During the Live Streaming, a single angle video image can no longer satisfy the audience. The multi-angle in live site can make our fans inside and outside the screen cheer and scream. Such as the latest live streaming for FIFA World Cup 2022, a Video Switcher or a Video Mixer is a hardware device that allows the user to switch multiple images or videos, while using with Live Streaming NDI or SDI PTZ Cameras. Here WODWIN will show the Professional Video Switchers for Live Streaming.


Professional Video Switchers for Live Streaming


1.WIN-JK5X: vMix Control Panel ATEM Switchboard

Launched by WODWIN, WIN-JK5X is the newest Video Mixer Control Panel. It is not only support vMix Control, but also can support ATEM Switch. This Video Switcher is easy to operate with USB, LAN ports and POE function. Besides, it can support 12 channel PGM and 12 channel PVW live switching. It always together use with WIN-J86AS the HD PTZ Cameras to do a live streaming.

2.WIN-JK30S: NDI|HX2 Video Switcher for Live Streaming

WODWIN Video Switcher for Live Streaming WIN-JK30S is equipped with Video Switch, Audio Mixer and Joystick Controller. It is the newest NDI|HX2 Video Switch, 8 Channels PVW, 8 Channels PGM of HD1080p60 video input. The special effect such as fade in and fade out, make the streaming awesome. In addition, it is integrated with a a 10.1-inch high-definition display, which can help user operate much easier and quickly during the live.


Professional Video Switchers for Live Streaming


That said, a video switcher comes in handy when you’re capturing multiple video or audio sources and want to switch between them during a live stream effortlessly. You may be live without a professional Video Switcher Panel, but if you use Live Streaming PTZ Camera and Video Switcher, it will make the live look more professional, the audience watch more diverse and clearer videos and images and the user is also easier to quickly operate, so that this Live Broadcast goes more smoothly!

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