When you shoot a video from a long distance, the 1080p camera is not good enough to capture clearly image, then you need best 4K PTZ camera for conference room, which can make the images you see more high-definition and more detailed.

Because ptz 4k camera use advanced technology to improve the relationship between code stream, encoding quality, delay and algorithm complexity.

WODWIN’s best 4K PTZ camera for conference room has 5x or 12x optical zoom for choice with the HDMI, USB3.0 and Lan port,the most popular is WIN-M42K and WIN-M43K, and we also launched the latest 20X, SDI version of the 4K camera. Here are two similar products for you.


Both WIN-M42K and WIN-M43K are ultra-high-definition 4K cameras, resolution is 1080P/60fps,8.51MP,compatible with 1080P, 720P and other resolutions. They have same interface USB3.0, HDMI, LAN. But WIN-M43K we have a new version with 20X zoom, HDMI,USB3.0,LAN and SDI port.It is good for live streaming while WIN-M42K more good for video conferencing.These 4K camera can set 10 preset position by IR remote controller, 255 via Joystick controller.


Best 4K PTZ Camera for conference room


4K PTZ camera use advanced and leading algorithm enables the camera auto focus fast and accurately. They all use advanced 2D/3D noise reduction technology CMOS to ensure ultra-high SNR images.Both support multiple USB compression encoding formats, such as YUY2, MJPEG, H.264, NV12.


The differences between them are as follows:
1. WIN-M42K is black, however WIN-M43K is silver color.
2. WIN-M43K launched a new 20X optical zoom,so you can shoot farther places
3. WIN-M43K supports an expandable NDI version and a new SDI interface


Generally speaking, the price of  WIN-M43K will be higher.

HD PTZ cameras for live broadcasts and Houses of Worship. Auto-tracking cameras that need no operator. From basic USB webcams to 4K PTZ IP streaming cameras and mounts, you’ll find the perfect solution with WODWIN.

4K camera is the future trend product, we also launched a NEW one-armed version, if you want to know more information about new products, welcome contact us sales@wodwins.com.