In the previous article,we have introduced the live streaming PTZ cameras. When you need to control multiple cameras from a distance such as in church, concert, you need a joystick controller. What is the PTZ Camera Controller?

It can easy operation and transfer signal much far than the IR remote controller.WODWIN have both NDI and IP PTZ joystick controller. The most popular is WIN-MK2.


The WIN-MK2 keyboard controller is with the 4D joystick.From the appearance, you can see that the material is metal shell and the button is silicone which is very soft and smoothly touch.It also has a high-quality blue screen LCD display, clear text, real-time display of the working status of the decoder and matrix.The interface is IP LAN, RS422,RS232.The PTZ controller is supporting ONVIF, VISCA, Serial port VISCA, PELCO-D/P protocols and etc.


The following is the key parameter of the PTZ controller WIN-MK2.

Camera Controller

Model No. WIN-MK2
Appearance Metal shell,silicone button design,keyboard tone
Display LCD Blue Screen
Port RJ45,RS422, RS232
Joystick 4D(up, down, left, right, zoom, lock)
Communication BPS 2400bps, 4800bps, 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400, 115200


The WODWIN camera controller WIN-MK2 is compatible with most PTZ cameras using serial or IP protocols, including Sony. The joystick now includes advanced PTZ speed control, access to the on-screen display menu, focus lock, etc. It can control your camera via a low-latency IP link joystick.




It is very convenient that you can not only use it to control the speed of the lens, quickly switch the camera, set the camera parameters and so on. And you can use it to control white balance, zoom in and zoom out etc,.


The maximum communication distance of the 4D joystick is 1200M (0.5MM twisted pair),which can control 4 cameras continuously, 50 cameras can be connected in series, and 255 cameras can be controlled by IP at the same time.


The joystick camera is very suitable for volunteers and novices in PTZ camera operation. You can tell students in broadcast clubs, on-site remote producers, or volunteers how to control the camera through the keyboard.


As the leading manufacturer of PTZ camera joystick controllers, WODWIN have different models and shape, we also can ODM your design.Would you like to know more about the joysticks? WODWIN PTZ control keyboard is suitable for all brand PTZ cameras, such as NDI series cameras, IP POE PTZ cameras, SDI series cameras, USB series cameras, CCTV security cameras etc.