Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, WODWIN, the leading Ptz Camera supplier wish all partners a happy holiday in advance! Our company WODWIN have 3 days break from Sep. 19th to 21st.


Mid-Autumn Festival also named Moon Festival, in Chinese we read “Zhongqiu Festival”.It is August 15th of the Chinese lunar calendar.


There are many interesting stories about this Mooncake Festival, the most famous is regarding a beautiful girl named Chang’er.



Chang’e eat the elixir of immortality of his husband who obtain from the God, flew to the sky.They were separated forever.She is regret and told his husband Houyi ask him to make the Mooncake with flour,and call her name 3 times in the middle night, so that she can fly back and meet him eating together.


Because the moon on this day is considered to be the roundest and brightest moon in the year, it symbolizes family reunion.From that day, people will have a big feast with their family. Eating moon cakes together.Even people working far away will fly back to home to meet their family member.



WODWIN have a complete set of audio and video solutions.Full HD PTZ cameras with Microphone can help who far distance to open a video calling or meeting with their family members to communicate more easily.


WODWIN, the video conferencing cameras manufacturer wish you family reunion and happiness.