With the development of the online live broadcast industry, there is an increasing demand of cameras used for live broadcasts.Do you konw how to choose Broadcast Camera?


SDI and NDI PTZ cameras are used for live streaming media such as churches, concerts, conferences, telemedicine etc,.


Let’s take a look at the similar and difference between SDI PTZ Cameras and NDI cameras.In shortly, NDI camera is based on SDI camera, plus NDI protocol,tt transmits images in live broadcast with low latency.

1.The different appearance of  broadcast camera

You can see the characters “NDI | HX” printed on the appearance of the WIN-J91 and WIN-M57 series cameras, which means cameras with the NDI protocol added. This is the main difference between the PTZ SDI and NDI cameras.



WODWIN has 2 appearance of SDI/NDI series cameras for broadcasting and live broadcasting.Their models are WIN-M57 and WIN-J91.


2.The same points listed in the table below


Both have the same resolution,with full interfaces, and support the same video encoding format and network protocols.


The same point of Live Streaming PTZ Cameras

Model No. WIN-M57 WIN-J91
Resolution 1080P/60fps
Optical Lens 12X and 20X
Image Sensor SONY 1/2.8″ Progressive CMOS
Version SDI version and NDI version
Rich video output HDMI,SDI,USB,LAN(Optional NDI)
Video Encoding Format Support YUY2, MJPEG, H.264, NV12, H.265 video encoding format
Network Protocols Support ONVIF,GB/T28181, RTSP, RTMP, VISCA OVER IP, IP VISCA, RTMPS,SRT, RTMP push mode

You can get a better idea of the difference between the two IP POE NDI SDI PTZ Cameras by the following table,compare to WIN-J91,WIN-M57 has two more choice of the optical zoom 5X and 30X zoom, suitable for more smaller or larger place.WIN-M57S is USB3.0 port, it also have USB2.0 version only for storage.

3.the difference between Ptz Broadcast Camera


Difference between Ptz Broadcast Camera

Model No. WIN-M57 WIN-J91
Different Shape All black,square base Black and grey,round base
Pan/Tile Rotation 340°/120° 355°/120°
Optical Zoom 5X and 30X(12X/20X) /(12X/20X)
Output Interface USB3.0 port(Optional USB2.0),IP port with POE function USB2.0,POE optional
Preset Numbers 10 preset positions by IR remote controller, 255 preset positions by Keyboard or PC 9 preset positions by IR remote controller, 255 preset positions by Keyboard or PC
New Design Low Noise and High SNR, Low-power Sleep Function /


WIN-M57 SDI or NDI version both has IP port with POE function, it is not only a LAN port can output video but also can control your PTZ camera.It support POE that means you can use this port to supply the power of this camera, you don’t need any other adapters to power on this camera.WIN-J91 series PTZ cameras, if need POE function need told us, we also can add for you.


The difference determines the price between NDI|HX PTZ Camera NDI. You can choose the camera according to your budget, the size of your room, and the equipment you will connect to.


When you need live broadcasting and recording on line, you need to control multiple cameras.You can use NDI or IP Ptz Keyboard Controller. In the next article, we will introduce you to this PTZ joystick controller.