Conference Microphone

In the previous article, we learnt that USB series cameras are only used to output images. But for a conference room solution, you also need conference microphone for meeting room.


The most popular conference microphone for meeting room of WODWIN is WIN-DM1U USB speakerphone and WIN-DM3B Bluetooth.



WIN-DM3B is the Bluetooth speakerphone, WIN-DM1U is an USB conference Speakerphone,both are 3meters pick up range,build-in omni directional microphones, They both are 360° degree all direction voice pick up and range up to 3-5 meters. They all black color with HIFI Audio, with the DSP, DNR echo cancellation. And always use together with the USB PTZ cameras in the meeting room.



The difference between these two conference microphone are as follows:


1.WIN-DM1U is triangular and more large shape,WIN-DM3Bis round, they are different shapes.


2.WIN-DM1U is USB microphone which come with a 1.8 meter’s USB cable, plug and play, WIN-DM3B is wireless bluetooth 5.0 easy connection, meaning that you can say goodbye to mess cable.Built-in 3000mAh battery can play music or video calling over 8 hours


3.Speakerphone WIN-DM3B built-in 6 mics and 2 speakers. The sound pick up range to 3-5 meters. While WIN-DM1U USB speaker voice pick up range is 3 meters built-in 4 microphones and 2 speakers.


4.These conference speakerphone both have LED indicate light but WIN-DM1U is at the 3 corner, while the WIN-DM3B are in the middle a circle of the round microphone.


Those microphones can be combined with all WODWIN’s PTZ cameras.When you buy a camera for meetings, online education or telemedicine meetings etc,. you can choose our video conference kit including video conference camera and microphone.It is a good choice for you!