In the previous article, we introduced you two model of HD USB camera for small rooms, so what is USB PTZ Conference Cameras for large Conference Room?

The model of videoconferencing camera is WIN-J40RU/AU and WIN-M57U3, both are full HD 1080P resolution,1080P60/50FPS, 12X and 20X optical lens, suitable for middle and large size conference room,their similar output interface is USB plus HDMI interface, HDMI can connect with the TV display or PC,support the docking and matching of mainstream devices, You can use it in the classroom,meeting room,training room,medical room etc,.They are compatible with various software such as zoom, Skype for business, Cisco Webex, Goto meeting and so on.


1.What are the differences between WODWIN usb ptz camera WIN-J40RU/AU and WIN-M57U3?



1.In appearance: WIN-J40RU is silver color ,WIN-M57U3 is black color


2.The pan/tilt degree of WIN-J40RU/AU rotation is 355°/120°, can capture multi-angle video.WIN-M57U3 is 340°/120°.


3.WIN-M57U3 camera also has 30X optical zoom ,suitable for more large room.


4.Different output interface: WIN-J40RU is USB2.0 port,WIN-M57U3 is USB3.0 port which is the newest USB port which can transfer more fast.The USB3.0 Ptz camera can output higher quality image, this model is most welcome by the government project and the medical department.WIN-M57U3 also has IP Lan port, which can output video and control by the PTZ controller.



5.WIN-M57U3 has leading auto focus technology, accurate and stable auto-focusing, It also has low noise and



6.WIN-M57U3 also has a power switch and audio interface,it can connect sound equipment.


2.Do you know what size room these two series of usb conference cameras are suitable for?

12 times applies to 600-800 square feet, about 20-60 people room. 20 times applies to 1000-1500 square feet, about 40-100 people room.


The USB series cameras are only used to transfer images, in the next article,we will share the conference microphone with you. It is used for calls and as a speaker.