In recent years, especially from last year, the Covid-19 speed up the development of the chain store remote conference solution.

With the large-scale development of e-commerce, it has had an impact on offline retail.

Lots of chain stores are distributed in various different regions. When chain stores engage in promotional activities during holidays, especially hold the activities that require multi-store linkage,it is hard to implemented. And whether it can be adjusted and improved quickly will seriously affect the operation and competitiveness of chain stores.

Chain Store Remote Conference Solution


Lots of famous stores which has many branch stores. Such as MEIYIJIA, SEVEN ELEVEN,even as WALMART. Every week, the regional manager need to call all the store managers to summarize the weekly sales vlume and material preparation. Some of them couldn’t visually see the data and graphs, resulting in low communication efficiency, because they use telephone calls. The organization cost is very high for the store manager to face to face for a meeting. Therefore, the chain strore need to build a remote video conference system.

Chain Store Remote Conference Solution

As a leading provider and supplier of HD video conferencing solutions, WODWIN provides high quality video conference PTZ cameras together with the conference microphone.This can help customers continue to create greater value for chain stores.


WODWIN deploys PTZ cameras in the Headquarters and branches. So the small stores can participate in online meetings through conference software. Through the WODWIN video conference system and equipment, the headquarter realize multiple stores to simultaneously access remote video conferences.Branches and head chain store take turns to speak and share data information. The headquaters easy to issue company decisions and orders so that achieve barrier-free communication. Secondly, the headquarters can clearly grasp the real-time sales situation of each store, realize rapid coordination of material preparation. The chain stores complete efficient resource scheduling.Awesome and amazing.

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