As the video conference cameras are widely used in many fields, such as education, business, medical treatment, public utilities, etc. For a better experience, getting more clearly image, the 4K camera will be a better choice than the 1080p cameras.What is the difference between 4K EPTZ camera?


WODWIN’s 4K cameras are very high quality and competitive price, the 4K eptz camera built-in cameras, speakers and microphones, which very convenience and saves you a lot. Since WODWIN is a professional and famous factory so has various All-in-one 4K EPTZ webcams.How to choose the one suitable for your conference room?


WODWIN launched a new product EPTZ 4K sound bar WIN-M40U3.Below we will introduce the difference between this 4K EPTZ webcam compare with the most popular WIN-JV30U3 4K EPTZ camera.


What is the difference between 4K EPTZ camera


The same point between WIN-M40U3 and WIN-JV30U3

  1. They both integrated with ULTRA FULL HD 4K cameras, over8MP, Sony sensor that features up to a 3840 x 2160 HD resolution at 30 frames per second, 4K30FPS which provide crisper images and videos.


  1. Both them are three-in-one eptz webcam not only built in 4k cameras but also built-in 360degree microphones and speakerphones.


  1. These 4K web cameras are USB3.0 video interface, plug and play.Line in port can connect expansion mics.


  1. Same with DSP DNR Echo cancellation technologyautomatic voice tracking, intelligent AI auto framing.

Similarities of EPTZ 4K sounder bar

Model No. WIN-M40U3 WIN-JV30U3
High-definition 4K/30fps, 8MP
Output interface USB3.0
Speakers Built-in 2 speakers
Highlight Voice auto tracking, intelligent auto framing
Audio technology DSP DNR Echo cancellation technology

The difference between WIN-M40U3 & WIN-JV30U3


  1. View Angle: Compared withthe 120°degree view angle of new camera WIN-M40U3, WIN-JV30U3’s Angle is from 100°degree to 130° degree, it has a 15 angle of the camera each direction can finger touch or use IR remote to control and change.


  1. WIN-JV30U3 built in 4 mics, while WIN-M40U3 4K sounbar built-in 6 mics. But the voice pick up range, WIN-JV30U3 camera is up to 8 meterswider than the WIN-M40U3 which is 6 meters sound pick up.


  1. WIN-JV30U3 is super design with the LED shinning light around the 4K camera, the circle shinning, how beautiful. Not only the appearance but also the function is nearly the same with LOGITECH camera meetup series.


The performance of the two 4K EPTZ soundbar camera are very similar. When you choosing for your online meeting considering the cost and choose the one you like.

The Difference of 4K EPTZ Webcam

Model No. WIN-M40U3 WIN-JV30U3
Digital Zoom 5X 4X
Wide View Angle 120° 130°
Microphone 6Mics 4Mics
Voice Pickup 6 meters 8 meters


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