Hot WODWIN Vmix Control Panel

Hot WODWIN Vmix Control Panel WIN-JK5V is a high quality professional live video switching panel. It can be operated to run Vmix software. Almost all functions of Vmix software are put on this Vmix Controller Video Switcher. Which makes the operation easier. Video Switcher Live Stream is compatible with Vmix software directly through USB and LAN interface connection. Only one USB Video Switcher is needed to make the entire live stream easier to operate.


WIN-JK5V vMix Contro Panel easy for Live Streaming

1.Easy To Connect

ATEM equipment only needs to be connected to a switcher that supports POE through a network cable. And Vmix software only needs a USB2.0 cable to achieve power supply and data transmission.


2.Fashionable Appearance

The USB Video Switcher has a fashionable appearance, anodized aluminum alloy panel. Can be adapted to various environments.


3.Tally Light Signal

Vmix Controller Video Switcher with Tally function, support 12-channel PGM+12-channel PVW. Total 24 Tally signals are output through the DB25 interface.


The use of Vmix software has become very common in the live streaming industry. Hot WODWIN Vmix Control Panel can help you operate more conveniently when using Vmix software during live broadcast. WODWIN has many other devices that can be used in the live streaming industry. If you want to know more about the Hot WODWIN Vmix Control Panel. You can contact me at