Nowadays many PTZ Cameras, such as Video Conference Cameras, Smart Home Cameras, CCTV Security Cameras are widely appeared in various industry fields. With the popularity of PTZ Cameras. A variety of PTZ Camera Controller also comes out. So, what is a Keyboard Controller For PTZ Cameras?


1. The Role of The PTZ Keyboard Controller

First, PTZ Keyboard Controller supports the control of all PTZ cameras. Secondly, the PTZ Controller is powerful, support fast access control (camera address shortcut selection switch), accurate and fast action. 4D Joystick PTZ Keyboard Controller joystick movement will feel more natural than using the remote control to move. PTZ Keyboard Controller only needs to pass through the LAN port. It can be connected with the PTZ Cameras. This makes it easier and more intuitive to control the PTZ Cameras. IP PTZ Controller allows you to set up to 255 presets for the PTZ Cameras.


2. NDI PTZ Controller for Cameras

PTZ Camera has the characteristics of fast operation, optical zoom, accurate positioning, and flexible control mode. It is now widely used in the field of radio and television production and audiovisual. However, some people may be “intimidated” by the operation of the PTZ camera. Because they think the PTZ camera is difficult to control.

However, if you have a WODWIN’s WIN-MK7N NDI PTZ Controller. You don’t have to worry about the difficulty of operating the PTZ camera. 4D Joystick PTZ Keyboard Controller using industrial control equipment design standards. 4D infinitely vector variable speed precision rocker. It allows for very natural and fast control of the PTZ camera when in use. Now NDI PTZ Controller has been widely popular in the live broadcast site, large performance event recording.

Keyboard Controller For PTZ Cameras

Keyboard Controller For PTZ Cameras


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