According to the survey, 85% of adults working from home in 2021 want to use a hybrid approach to office and home work in the future. However, they also report that collaboration is a challenge when working from home. This highlights a key issue facing global businesses. Hybrid Video Conference Solution are now able to address this issue.


1. Hybrid Video Conference

Hybrid video conferencing is an event that brings together face-to-face and online participants using platforms such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Content is shared on screen between those in the room and those joining remotely. Hybrid video conferencing is achieved through audio-visual components including microphones, speakers, and Video PTZ Camera. In addition, the epidemic virus is a major factor in bringing about significant and lasting changes to the way we work and meet. It has accelerated the adoption of Video Conference. This means that organizations and employees must quickly adapt to a new hybrid way of working.


2. Video conferencing solutions

Many areas would benefit from hybrid video conferencing rather than face-to-face meetings. However, these benefits will only become a reality if the proper equipment and collaborative workspace is in place. WODWIN can provide a complete Video Conference Solution. Businesses can increase productivity even when people are working in different locations.

The WIN-J86RS+DM3B Conference System is able to meet all the needs needed when it comes to hybrid video conferencing. The WIN-J86RS Video PTZ Camera has a white appearance with the recently popular Tally light. The 12X optical zoom can meet the needs of meeting rooms of various sizes. WIN-DM3B Bluetooth Microphone has 6 built-in 360° Omnidirectional Microphones. With 3-5m pickup, you can clearly hear the video conference even from the corner of the conference room.

Hybrid Video Conference Solution

Hybrid Video Conference Solution


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