Online meeting is the main connection way after the COVID-19 happen. Most of the company can not go abroad visit the clients, and the students can not go to school for study. In order to reduce face to face contact, and considering the safety, so we change to video calling and online meeting. Professional video conference system need conference cameras, speakerphone,and conference software, it is not so competitive if we bought them all, so how can I host a meeting online for free?WODWIN here share you as below.


1. You need free Video Conferencing Software

There are many free basic video conferencing platforms on the market today such as Zoom video conferencing, Webex free and other free video conferencing applications that have great tools and features built in such as screen sharing and video recording capabilities. We recommend the following free video conferencing software for most SMBs.

First, Google Hangouts, it is the best software for multi-party video conferencing.

Second, Zoom,many advanced features and screen sharing capabilities.

Third, Bluejeans,professional video conferencing software made for business perfect for integrating in-room, phone and laptop.

Fourth, Skype, video conferencing, screen sharing, and allows the use of paid credits to dial out phone numbers.


How can I host a meeting online for free

How can I host a meeting online for free


2. How to host an online meeting?


It’s important to take the time to plan the topics and decisions for your meeting beforehand. Here is a video conference process you can prepare for ahead of time.

1) Write an agenda first

Write and set the meeting agenda before starting the online meeting, clearly outlining what the meeting will be about.


2)Confirm the conference video equipment

WODWIN-J31UB conference camera has 1080P HD resolution and its 3X and 10X zooms are suitable for SMB meeting rooms.


We also have a USB Bluetooth microphone with built-in speakers with 3meters pickup range, build-in 6 microphones, 360° all direction wide range sound pick up. It can be connected directly to a computer.


How can I host a meeting online for free

How can I host a meeting online for free


3) Collect any files you need

During online meetings, you may want to share screens or send links to documents. Prepare all these relevant documents in advance so that you can easily access and distribute them during the meeting.


4)Hosting Video Conference

When you start a meeting, you need to open your free video conferencing software. We can discuss the corresponding topic in the meeting, and participants can ask questions about the topic. At the end, the host summarizes the content of the meeting and shares the results of the meeting with employees. After the meeting, meeting people receive information about what they need to accomplish. A free online meeting is complete!

Videoconferencing has enabled us to work remotely in many ways. WODWIN is a video conferencing provider specializing in video conferencing. If you want to know more about how can I host a meeting online for free, please follow us.