Affected by COVID-19, online education has begun to develop explosively. Are you doing online education? Do you know what equipment is needed for online teaching? WODWIN is a professional online education solution provider. Next we will share with you how to choose an online education device.


1. Prepare the necessary tools: desktop computer


We recommend that you do your distance learning on a desktop computer. It will allow you to maximize features such as multitasking and access to online resources before and during class. This will allow you to keep an eye on your students at all times.

2. A good Internet connection


The next thing you absolutely need is a good Internet connection. An Internet connection via fiber optic is best. You will have a smooth conversation with student, which will ensure effective learning. Video conversations that are constantly interrupted will result in poor distance learning.

3. Microphone for talking to students


If you are a teacher and you will be teaching online many times. You may need to use a more professional microphone. WODWIN conference microphone is available in Bluetooth version WIN-DM3B. Firstly, it has 3-5 meters pickup range, which can be used in small and medium-sized rooms. Secondly, the Bluetooth microphone also has a built-in speaker, which can play HIFI quality music and audio. Finally, the wireless microphone WIN-DM3B has a built-in 3000mah battery that can last up to 8 hours. If you want to host distance learning and communicate effectively, make sure you have a good microphone.


4. Cameras for distance learning


If you are using it for live streaming at home and do not have excessive requirements for the live image effect. WODWIN mini webcam WIN-MV30M is the best choice for students and teachers together. Firstly, It has a built-in camera, microphone and speaker. This 1080P webcam is very compact. Therefore, no need other drivers.


What equipment is needed for online teaching


But for live streaming in the classroom, we have a special auto-tracking camera WIN-MT22 for teachers. It is a 4K resolution camera with 3X digital zoom. So it can follow the teacher’s movement. This 4K tracking camera has built-in leading image recognition and tracking algorithm. Which can achieve smooth and natural teacher tracking effect without any auxiliary positioning camera or tracking host. It completely meets the needs of various application scenarios such as teaching recording and remote interactive teaching.


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Do you want to start teaching online? If you want to learn more about what equipment is needed for online teaching. Please contact us for more professional online education solutions.