Do you know WODWIN’s Live Streaming Camera can do the live events to Facebook directly? WODWIN is the famous brand from World Win Technology in Shenzhen City, China. We focus on providing innovative technology for professionals in the field of Video Conferencing and Live Streaming. In this article, we show you how to Live Stream to Facebook with A PTZ Camera as following step:


1.Live Stream with A PTZ Camera


WODWIN’s PTZ Cameras can support not only RTMP, but RTMPS, the new secure streaming protocol now used by streaming services. For example, Video Conference PTZ Camera WIN-J86RS is 12X optical zoom. This HD Camera is designed with SDI, USB3.0, HDMI and LAN ports. Moreover, this PTZ Live Streaming Camera can support RTMP, RTSP, RTMPS, ONVIF, etc.. It is suitable for Live Streaming and Broadcasting events.

How to Live Stream to Facebook with A PTZ Camera

2.Live Stream to Facebook with A Video Conference Camera


It is an easy and affordable way to start Live Streaming with your WODWIN’s PTZ Camera.


Firstly, you need to connect Live Broadcast PTZ Camera with your computer and keep them in the same network. Then, log into the camera’s web-browser interface. It may be helpful to set up a static IP address for your PTZ Camera. A static IP address is an address that is permanently assigned to your camera. If you do not know your camera’s IP address, you can refer to the camera’s specification or user manual.

Secondly, find the RTMP in the Advance Setting of the Network Tab on the camera’s web-browser interface. This is where you can enter your stream’s destination but first you will need to retrieve that information from Facebook.

Thirdly, please find the “Live Video” on the Facebook. It is at the top of your newsfeed, click on the Live Video icon beneath the “What’s on your mind?” status field. You’ll be taken to the Live Producer tool, where Facebook will ask you whether to go Live now or create live video event. You can choose where to post your stream on the left-hand side. Later, when you choose the Streaming Software, you can find the “Stream Key” and “Stream URL”.

Fourthly, you can now copy the “Stream Key” and “Stream URL” into the RTMP streaming box on your Live Streaming Camera in the Network Tab. This is done by entering the server URL and then following by the Stream Key.

Finally, go back to the Facebook to click “Connecting the Video”. It may take up to few minutes for your camera’s video to show up in the live preview of your Facebook.

Is it easy to Live Stream to Facebook with A PTZ Camera? If you are having issues setting up your RTMP stream to Facebook, pls contact with WODWIN via for better support.WODWIN is professional and have rich experience in Live streaming solution.