conference room

Application aspects of the device

Video conference camera is not only a camera to record video,but also it can be used as a conference tool. The WODWIN video conference camera not can only record the content of the meeting, transmit information to multiple people, but also exchange information and create “web seminars.”

Record the content of the meeting

The meeting camera can be used with meeting software, such as zoom, vidyo, webex, gotomeeting, etc., to record the content of the session for future playback.This function is very helpful for the inability to hold an on-site meeting or record the content of the meeting for future review.

Streaming information

The meeting information can be sent (streamed) to multiple sites through the existing network, so that the meeting staff can view the meeting in real time without leaving the work place, so that people from a long distance can participate in the meeting more.

In addition, WODWIN’s production of video conferencing camera has been used in a variety of ways, including display products to new customers, “town hall” type meetings and training of human resources. In view of the life of the use of video conferencing, all industries have developed useful applications for video conferencing. It is no longer a matter of if you will use video conferencing, it is only a matter of when. Make your video conferencing system work for you to get your message to everyone, internally and externally.