State of Remote Education

Duing to the COVID-19, some schools perform this task more smoothly than others, because new development of Remote Education.


The Current Status of  Onine Learning


The mission of school is to give students and teachers a better way. No matter where the student is, online courses achieve fairness. So the video conference camera’s function seems more important.

Everyone knows that Covid-19 completely transforms face-to-face education into complete distance education. This has a huge global impact on higher education.

Preparing for distance learning, technology acquisition, and planning is a huge challenge, At the same time along with the advantages of on-demand access, without having to worry about contact with people during the epidemic.


New development of Remote Education


WODWIN’S Video conference ptz camera is easy to realize the online education and this provides students with more opportunities to learn in multiple ways.

Teacher said that she can judge whether students have participated in online lectures.They observe the time of student spend online learning content.

However, we noticed that every teacher handles students’ online learning time differently. In fact, the study found that 70% of school are investing in online education.

For saving time and reach high effective lecture, WODWIN can build a full video conference system solution for you.

USB PTZ camera, 360degree voice pick up conference microphone built in the speaker use together, really popular using in the online training and education.

The related products you may use is our USB PTZ conference camera:WIN-M51U, Bluetooth microphone: WIN-DM3B.